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Pardners is a movie starring the comedy team of Martin and Lewis and was released on July 25, 1956 by Paramount Pictures.


The storyline involves two ranch partners (played by Martin and Lewis) who are killed by the 'Masked Raiders' defending their land. Their infant sons are separated, one being raised on the farm and the other being raised in New York. Twenty-five years later, these two boys (also played by Martin & Lewis) meet again. They must work through their differences and band together like their fathers before them and defend the ranch against the 'Masked Raiders'.


The film was made from November 21, 1955 through January 28, 1956 and is loosely based on the 1936 Bing Crosby film, Rhythm on the Range, which was also directed by Norman Taurog and it was filmed under the working title of Where Men are Men. During production Lewis filmed a documentary in 16mm of this film.
During production, rumors abounded about the impending demise of the Martin and Lewis partnership, so when 'The End' title screen appeared, Dean and Jerry address the audience and exclaim "We're not ready for 'The End' yet" and they shoot the letters off the screen! Then they continue to address the audience, for the only time ever, addressing one another as "Dean" and "Jerr," telling them how much they enjoy making pictures for them.


The film was re-released in 1965 on a double bill with another Martin and Lewis film, Living It Up.

Finale for Martin and Lewis

The same day that this film was released to theaters, Martin and Lewis made their last performance together as a team, at New York's Copacabana.

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